Squat at home: leg and buttock exercises

You don’t like the gym but you want legs and buttocks to envy? Discover with us how to do squat exercises and tone your thighs and buttocks every day at home!

If the gym is not for you, but to give up toned legs and buttocks you really don’t want to hear about it, now is the time to consider some physical activity at home.

You will find that transforming your home or garden into a space for daily exercises is an absolutely brilliant, economic and relaxing idea . Especially if among the exercises is included the squat that allows you to tone the buttocks and proudly show your perfect shapes.

The squat is in fact one of the most effective exercises for toning and firming the lower limbs. It allows you, repeat after repeat, to shape the thighs and lift the buttocks obtaining results already after the first weeks of training.

So wear your most comfortable sports suit and get ready to perform these simple exercises directly from home!

Correct position

To avoid inflammation of the tendons, joints or lower back, it is best to learn the correct posture to perform effective squat exercises.

Bring a fairly low bench or table to help you understand when your bend has come to the right place and it’s time to start climbing. If you have the opportunity, and if the house allows it, do the exercises in front of a mirror in order to check the correct posture of the back.

At this point, positioned in front of the bench (as if you were to sit down), spread the legs apart so that they stand in line with the shoulders and, keeping your back straight, bend your knees until you touch the bench with your buttocks. At that point, go back to an upright position. Repeat this type of push-ups until the muscles start to «burn». Rest for a minute and start a new repetition (at least two sets a day ).

Squats with dumbbells

Another very effective variant for the squat is to perform the push-ups while holding weights in hand. The toning dynamics brought by the exercises are in fact accentuated thanks to the use of a load such as a barbell, a swiss ball or dumbbells.

To tone the adductors (i.e. the inner thigh muscles) you can perform this squat mode:

Spread your legs apart until your feet are over your shoulders

Place your toes at 45 degrees

Hold the dumbbells in your hand trying not to arch your back

Bend your knees until they are level with your feet and make sure that your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Once you reach this angle, rise again by pushing with your heels.

Repeat this type of squat in at least two sets of 10 reps and as you improve the number of pushups increases.

Squat with deadlift

Another variant of the squat that further helps the toning of the thighs and buttocks is the detachment squat. It can be performed both with dumbbells and with free body

Standing position, legs spread in line with the hips and feet straight

Bend your knees without bringing them past your toes

Make a leap upward with your legs until your knees are fully extended

Try to cushion the landing by slightly bending your legs

For the first time, you can only perform two sets of 10 reps.

There are many variations of the squat among which you can also find the lunges (starting from the standing position, alternately bring both legs forward to you, as if taking a big step and then return to the initial position) and the split squat, which affects especially the buttocks and that is put into practice with the use of a step or a ball.


The multipower (or Smith machine) is actually a multipurpose machine that we find in the gym. It is very well known and famous for some exercises such as squats but, given its size, it is difficult to keep it at home. No fear! Follow our exercises and you will still have a toned body, even without bulky and expensive tools acheter Stanozolol.

You just have to choose the exercise you prefer and start shaping your body in complete autonomy.

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